With just one fabulous kit, you can weave six lovely, fresh and funky tea towels from just 3 cones of our Yoga Yarn.

These tea towels are light, soft, absorbent and durable.

Our Yoga Yarn is super for new rigid heddle weavers to use as it has just enough "give" to make weaving cotton a pleasure.

Choose from four great colorways

  • Option #1 - white, coral red, twilight grey
  • Option #2 - white, green glow, twilight grey
  • Option #3 - white, scuba blue, twilight grey
  • Option #4 - white, celosia orange, green glow

The kit includes instructions to weave six tea towels, a combination of blocks and stripes and with details in brooks bouquet.and 3 cones of Yoga Yarn.

These can be woven on any Ashford rigid heddle loom 16" or wider with a 15dpi reed

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