We don't just like to play with fiber and color, we also love finding new ways to integrate fiber into our lives.  On this page you will find a variety of files and downloads that were created by The Fiberists for you to use.  This archive will be updated with new files overtime.

These files are being released for your personal use only.  Downloading of these files do not grant commercial use.  If you would like to use these commercially contact us.

The Fiberists' Spinner's Notebook

Spinner's Notebook - Cover

We created our version of the Spinner's Notebook as a way for you to document your experiments with different spinning fibers, blends and techniques.

This pdf contains references for determining angle of twist, measurement of staple length and wraps per inch, and gauge of your spinning.  It can be printed and placed in a three ring binder. This is being released in conjunction with our debut spinning kit - Fiber Lab - Unconventional Fibers - Volume 1

The Fiberists' Spinner's Notebook Fillable Form Experiment Page - Acrobat Only

In addition to the hardcopy version of our Spinner's Notebook we have created a pdf fillable form version of the Experiment Page.  

This pdf form is intended to completed in whole or in part and saved as a new page in a digital notebook.  The form can then be cleared and started anew for your next experiment.

This file is created for Adobe Acrobat and Acrobat reader; if used with Preview for the Mac it may become corrupted and unusable.