About Us

We are dyers of colorful yarns. Thank you for joining us on our exploration of fiber and color.

We approach the creation of our products with a research based process. We get our inspiration from the work of influential people in STEM fields and their discoveries of colors, forms, and structures.

It is our mission to be constantly developing new colorways and techniques based on the natural world around us. Our explorations and experiments inspire us to bring you intriguing colors and patterns. In addition to developing our spectrum, we focus on learning and exploring the entire process of fiber crafting, from animal to finished products. One of the main goals of The Fiberists is to educate the fiber and craft world about the accomplishments of people in STEM fields who we believe should receive additional recognition

We have over a decade of experience dying fabrics and fibers and working in other fiber arts. We use this knowledge to bring you fibers that have been dyed through the appropriate methods based on their individual chemistry. Our process yields yarns and rovings with vibrant colors.

Reginald enjoys all aspects of science and nature. He has studied Oceanography, Marine Biology, Chemistry, and Earth/Space Sciences. He has done field work in Artificial Reef Research and has over a decade of experience in Computer Science. He enjoys cooking, gardening, fiber and fabric arts. He’s always on the look out for new inspirations to keep the products The Fiberists produce awe-inspiring and breathtaking.

Spencer has always had an interest in color and form. He comes from a family of artists and designers and has worked in multiple medias including photography, oil painting, graphic design and sculpture. In addition to his work with colors and art he is an Architect, licensed in Virginia and the District of Columbia, and has studied Architecture and Historic Preservation at Tulane University. His work with The Fiberists helps to blend his love of color and ornament with an appreciation of science and the natural world.

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