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You've found your way to the secret QR code landing page of The Fiberists!

If you are here, that means that you've scanned one of our cards.  We love to find ways to make technology work for us.  On this page we will feature some hints, tips, and other things that that we've found online that we want to share with our technologically engaged fans.


Videos on creating yarn and fiber

While you may know how to use yarn or roving, the short animation below does a great job of being a primer on process of creating commercially processed roving and yarn.  Our yarn and fiber are all commercially processed up until it arrives at our studio. At that point it is a manual process of dying, washing, drying, reskeining (yarns only of course) and packaging for sale.  

As an alternative to the commercial process of fiber preparation, many people hand process their fiber. For some people, this is their only option, while others enjoy the act of turning fleece into a product and control it affords at every step along the way.  The video below show's one woman's method of hand processing from fleece to yarn.


Knitting videos

Did you know that knitting (and other fibre crafts) are good for you?  I think we all know that when you are working on a project and you are "in the zone" its almost like a meditative state.  Well, according to the video below, there are actually measurable health improvements:

Is there a pattern you'd love to make, but you want to use a different weight yarn?  Don't fret!  Its really quite easy to make those kind of adjustments.  Here are two great videos about doing your own math to make your pattern suite your yarn.



Crochet videos

While knitting gets most of the attention, we love our crochet too! Here are two TED talks that focus on crocheting hyperbolic planes and are good jumping off point into learning about non-euclidian geometry.  Crochet hyperbolic planes, might be familiar to you already; they were featured a few years ago in the crochet coral reef project which has satellite reefs all around the world.



Fiber Science

Is there some mystery fiber or yarn you have laying about and you want to figure out the content?  Well, destructive testing might be your answer.  You can burn a small bit of the fiber and tell the content.  The video below goes through the steps and results you can expect.