>Soft and silky, this mill dyed and blended top is a custom blend designed by The Fiberists. It is lovely to spin and the blend of reclaimed sari silk will create pops of color and texture as it is spun. Its great for both beginners and advanced spinners. You can also blend it yourself with other fibers in your homemade batts, rovings, rolls, and tops.

This beautiful curated custom blended variegated top contains a rainbow of warm tones of reclaimed sari silk and white nylon (faux cashmere); it is a color experiment by The Fiberists and is available in limited quantities. Colors may vary from what they appear on your screen, dark tones may appear darker and blacker on your screen.

Finished items created from this top are recommended hand wash only. Since the sari silk is reclaimed the dye has a tendency to transfer to other items during its first few washes. We recommend washing this fiber by itself in cool water until you are confident that the water is running clear. The Fiberists recommend all projects be hand washed in cold water to ensure longevity.

4 ounces of 50% Faux Cashmere (Nylon) / 50% Reclaimed Sari Silk.

All weights and measures are approximate.

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