16oz. of Kookaburra Scour

Kookaburra Scour degrease your fleece.

Degrease your fleece
1-2oz Scour per pound of raw fleece (depending on how much lanolin and/or dirt is in your fleece). Fill a sink or tub with hot water add Scour and immerse fleece (make sure fiber is completely covered with water and floats freely). You may gently “plunge” fleece to make sure it is completely saturated. You may see “grease” rise to the top of the water. Allow fiber to soak until satisfactorily clean (clean is relative to each individual). Drain excess water and rinse if desired - Scour is rinse optional. Allow to air dry.

  • You can hand squeeze water from your fiber
  • Roll fiber in a towel and apply pressure
  • Place fiber in a “lingerie” bag and run through spin only cycle- top load washer
  • Spin sections of fleece in “salad” spinner
  • Fiber can be left in the Scour soak as long as you desire
  • If you choose to rinse add a cap of Kookaburra Wash to your rinse water
  • White fleeces may be dried in direct sun light, colored fleeces may fade with extended exposure to sunlight

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