Lap Waste bags contain 4 oz of fiber. This listing is for a SINGLE 4 oz Lap Waste bag. Colorway selection is random.

Lap Waste is the discarded remnants of roving, top, sliver, batting, etc. from the yarn milling process. It is an economical option for spinners to use to try new techniques, for knitters to use as thrums, or to be used as stuffing.

Colorway selection is random; the provided image shows some of the possible colorways. Colors may vary from what they appear on your screen, dark tones may appear darker and blacker on your screen. Every effort has been made to ensure colorfastness.

Finished items created from this fiber are recommended hand wash only. As the fiber content is unknown we cannot say if this will be able to tolerate some agitation while wet, The Fiberists recommend all projects be hand washed to ensure longevity.

113g (4 oz) of Lap Waste fiber.

All weights and measures are approximate.

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