Kookaburra is here

by Spencer Lepler
Kookaburra Wash

If you've been to our booth at a shown, you know that we love Kookaburra products. We use Kookaburra Wash when we are cleaning our own hand knit garments and Kookaburra Power as a household cleaner and a remedy for cleaning stubborn stains.  We love these products and we think you will too.

There's Wash and Delicate for your hand knits, Power to get rid of pesky stains and household cleaning, and Scour for all of your fleece washing needs.  All varieties come in 2 oz and 16 oz sizes.  Wash is available in Original Scent, Lavender, and No Scent Added.

We've just listed our on hand stock of these great cleaning products.  We also have more on order, so if there is a size you are looking for that isn't available, send us a message and we'll see what we can do for you.

by Spencer Lepler